Printed Circuit Assembly

Printed circuit boards and printed circuit assemblies account for about one fifth of Grange Products’ business.

We supply PCBs and PCAs to a wide range of sectors from marine and instrumentation, control and test through to pro audio and communications.

We are equally at home assembling free-issue or fully procured material.

We can assemble both principal technologies, or a mix of both.


We have equipment for the following processes:

  • Insert, crop and clench.
  • Print solder paste three manual, one automatic.
  • Pick and place two machines, ten thousand placements per hour each.
  • Two re-flow ovens convection, one with pin conveyor for double-sided boards.
  • Machine soldering
  • Digital optical inspection.

All assemblies can be fully inspected, with full traceability.

Batch size is not an issue; we will make a one-off in either technology if you wish.

We can arrange low-cost stencils to prove your design for automated production if necessary.

We will handle complete projects where appropriate, from circuit design, PCB layout, full documentation, procurement, the assembly stage itself, inspection and test.

We are a service business, we exist to help.

Let us solve your problems.

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