Panels And Cabinets

Enclosures, panels and cabinets are the units that bring data and power together.

And they are everywhere.

We’ve made them for everybody and for all applications. Electrical supply and metering, telecommunications, security, plant maintenance, emergency and safety alarms, environmental monitoring, oil and gas extraction, mobile communications, covert operations, and many more.

We have enough space to handle these bulky systems with ease, and enough experience to know where the pitfalls are and how long it takes to do things properly.

Good local communications play an important part in helping this type of work run smoothly.

All the right kind of suppliers are also within easy reach to make anything possible.

We have been in business for thirty years, we have seen and helped assemble most types of equipment, and we have kept pace with changing and emerging technologies.

We’re always pleased to see another system being shipped out – because everyone here knows it’s another job well done.

For any requirements you may have, now or in the future,

We are always worth a call.

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